Ensure your AED’s are Ready

Seamless AED Program Management tool

Optimize your AED program effortlessly with AEDSmartX, ensuring readiness and swift response in critical moments.
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Why is AED Program Management So important?

Ensure peace of mind and save lives with our expert AED program management, providing seamless accessibility and meticulous maintenance for critical cardiac emergencies.

Life-Saving Preparedness

Manage AED programs to ensure devices are always ready for life-saving action

Legal Compliance Assurance

Stay compliant with regulations to minimize legal risks related to AED readiness.

Ongoing Maintenance

Monitor and maintain AEDs to keep them in optimal condition for emergencies.

Efficiency and focus

Streamline operations, freeing resources for core tasks while ensuring AED readiness.

How Does It Work?

Discover seamless AED program management with AEDSmartX. Discover how it works and how to use it effectively

Key Features

Take safety and compliance to new heights while unlocking the full potential of lifesaving efforts with expert AED program management.

Regular AED inspections to ensure functionality

Access to AED training materials and videos

Supply of AED consumables like pads and batteries

Online platform to track AED status and maintenance records

Compliance monitoring and alerts for AED readiness

One Solution For All

Whether you have multiple AED’s Across multiple Area/ Cities/ countries or Multiple AED’s in one premises, Our Solution will give you a complete solution.
  • Customized Web Portal and Mobile App
  • Automated Email Notifications & Alerts
  • All Supplies and Replenishment
  • On-Going Support

Fulfilled Partnerships

& Many More...

Our Pricing Plan

Choose from flexible plans tailored to your needs, ensuring cost-effective AED program management without compromising on quality or peace of mind.

Basic Plan

Rs 10 per AED/Day

Premium Plan

Rs 10 per AED/Day

Everything included in Basic Plan

Premium Plan Plus

Rs 10 per AED/Day

Everything included in Premium Plan

Find Everything You Need

A Complete AED Solution

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Explore a range for the perfect AED solution for workplaces, public spaces, schools, and homes.
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